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Posted February 18th, 2010 in Great reading by Rebecca Lane

This morning I received a post from Marni Wasserman’s blog which sent me on a journey of discovery. There are so many products and people who are really making a difference that I’m astounded and thought I would share some of them here.First, there’s a campaign to reduce restaurant waste called Takeout Without http://takeoutwithout.com. You’ll love the ideas they suggest – so simple and we just don’t even think of most of the time. Plus it’s a way that we can make a huge difference.Then I found this blog that’s got my mind working in overdrive: http://fakeplasticfish.com/. So many great ideas and people who are really making a difference in the smallest of ways. Bring your own containers for everything. Where I shop at Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket, I really struggle with constantly taking plastic bags for the bulk products I purchase. I reuse them until they develop holes but I’d really like to come up with a solution that would mean that we don’t need to even have plastic bags as an option. I don’t want plastic touching my beans, nuts or flour.The final place I was really excited by is called People Towels http://ow.ly/18vTj. What an idea – that’s it, from now on I’m bringing my own cloth towels with me so that I don’t need to waste paper towels (which are usually made from virgin wood, not recycled paper like you would expect). The ones at People Towels are really cute, but I’m thinking something more stylish, like a scarf hanging from my purse that does double duty as a towel.Anyway, hope you enjoy visiting these sites and that they inspire you in some way.

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