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Perhaps I should start this post by first apologizing for not posting since late June. I have no excuses other than this was a difficult summer for me and I really battled with depression and was stuck in a very difficult place.

Moving forward now (no longer stuck thank GOD!), two weekends ago I participated in a really worthwhile training weekend with Richard Flook of META-Medicine. I’m sure that I’ll be blathering on more about the concepts of META-medicine and healing for ever. It’s based on the principles of German New Medicine (go learn more at http://www.germannewmedicine.ca/ – I especially suggest that you read the 5 principles) combined with several other healing modalities including my favourite – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – for videos on how to do this, just search on http://www.youtube.com/. There’s tons of information available that is very simple and easy to follow).

Since the training weekend, I’ve been reading both all of the information available online about German New Medicine (no trainings available in the GTA until 2013!) and reading through Richard’s book “Why Am I Sick?”. For me it’s a completely new way of looking at the disease process and gives many new tools for healing. Anyway, Chapter 11 is very important.

Richard Flook spent 2 months researching Antibiotics and Vaccines and their efficacy. The result is this very well written, concise, well researched chapter that is available to everyone online. I strongly recommend that everyone read it – whether or not you have children in the immunization ages. Here’s the link to the chapter: http://www.whyamisick.com/chapter-11-why-am-i-sick-extract/#more-1714.

For his research he used Lynne McTaggart’s book, ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ (available online at http://www.wddty.com/ – absolutely worth becoming a member to receive access to their online information) and ‘The Vaccine Book’ by Robert Sears, MD, FAAP (available at Amazon and online at http://www.thevaccinebook.com/).

Some other useful websites about vaccination he suggests include:
http://www.nvic.org/ – National Vaccine Informatin Centre
http://www.vaccines.net/ – A website about many health issues
http://www.whale.to/ – Interesting website on all things to do with health

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