The Habit of Saying Affirmations

Posted October 22nd, 2010 in Psychology of Disease by Rebecca Lane

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.And once that belief becomes a deep conviction,things begin to happen.”

–         Claude M. Bristol, 1891 – 1951

The last time I blogged, I spoke of the importance of silence in daily life. And I offered the practice of simply being grateful for all that we have as a tool to enter into a state of meditation.Today, I would like to offer another tool that I use to increase my awareness of my body, my health and my connection with the Divine. It’s the habit of saying affirmations.What exactly is an affirmation? It’s a wish stated as if it is already true, like “I live in a world of abundance.”Thinking, saying or writing affirmations is one way to bring about positive change in your life. Amazing things come about when we change our habits. Our habits change when we have a change in attitude. Affirmations are a way we can change our attitudes.Passion is what helps to make your affirmation feel real and comfortable to you. As it begins to feel natural, you make it easy for your affirmation to become true.That’s why I started to add affirmations to my daily meditations – they remind me of my Divine perfection.Using the chakras as a path through my body, I balance each centre with an affirmation. It goes like this . . .  

Root chakra Red I am safe and protected
Sacral chakra Orange I am enough
Solar Plexus Yellow I live my life to the fullest. I am enough
Heart Green / Pink I am loved & connected to all that is
Throat Blue I accept & embrace change
3rd eye Purple I take full responsibility for my thoughts, words & actions
Crown Violet I am fully conscious and open to the will of the Divine

As you become more comfortable with this practice, you begin to take notice of the colours of your chakras – sometimes they’re brighter, other times more dull. If you notice them as dull, send them light. That just means to imagine them as a lightbulb on a dimmer switch that’s all the way down – push it up to increase the intensity of the light. You can also send love to intensify the healing. I find that the practice of gratitude, combined with the habit of saying affirmations, helps me to find balance when my world is out-of-control. I love hearing:

I am safe and protected

I embrace change

I am loved and connected to all that is

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