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Your meditation practice is personal to you. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be!

I just received this wonderful letter from my colleague Caroline Dupont and wanted to share it with my readers too in hopes that you will enjoy the message as much as I did. Sherri Doak and I will be cooking for Caroline at her Deep Healing Retreat in October in Midland and look forward to meeting lots of new people and sharing great ideas there! Enjoy the letter (by the way, the woman to the left is neither Caroline nor me – it’s a pic I found online. I would like to meditate here, but on a cushion!):

“‘Now’ is just what’s happening – minus everything that you think.” Adyashanti

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you happy and well.

One of the things that I’ve noticed in me and others is a fundamental tendency to evaluate our lives on a moment to moment basis with an overall sense that something is not quite right, or even that something is deeply wrong. 

The object of our dissatisfaction, the ‘something’ itself, generally changes from one day to the next, or one year to the next. It could be our weight, our health, our partner, or lack of partner, our job, our financial situation, our children, time constraints, or tiny details like the temperature of the soup, the scratch on our car, the way our hair looks today… no matter how hard we try to make things ‘perfect’  there is always something lacking.

Is it possible to move beyond this existential tension?

Many people have asked this question and the answer most often seems to be a regular meditation practice. Ask Carolyn Myss, or the Dalai Lama, or Deepak Chopra, or  Wayne Dyer.

We need stillness to see the truth.

The beauty of a regular meditation practice is that it gives us a rare glimpse of our lives from the very ground of our being, that sees no fundamental problem and in fact sees from deep and far enough to grasp that no matter what is going on in the physical world, no matter how our mind interprets current circumstances, there is actually never a single molecule out of place. To experience this fully is a deep gift because from this new perspective we cease to move through life from a place of dissatisfaction and problem solving. 

This is not to say that change is not needed because it is, but when we approach change from this deeper place we are engaging an energy that will help us to respond to life’s challenges, not with resistance, but with greater clarity, accuracy and access to appropriate action.

This is how lives are transformed.

In order to experience the best that meditation can offer…

  • Do your best to maintain a daily meditation practice.
  • Incorporate body-based awareness in your meditation practice rather than using techniques to by-pass to ‘spiritual’ states.
  • Regardless of the techniques used in your practice, incorporate ‘no technique’ regularly – put it all down and completely let go for at least some of your practice.
  • If you’re having a difficult time staying with your meditation practice you are likely very close to a significant emotional layer and subconsciously avoiding it. Get some help. This is something that I do in one-on-one consultations in person, over the phone, or on skype.
  • Take a meditation class.
  • Attend retreats. They are one of the most powerful ways to move through significant emotional layers to access your true nature, and transform your life. Each retreat is an opportunity to show up with sincerity and openness to the mystery of the deepening process.

Here are some upcoming opportunities:

“The mind doesn’t rest as a result of getting its questions answered; it comes to rest when we see through the incessant drive to know.” Adyashanti

All blessings to you,

PS > that last quote really resonates with me. Thank you so much Caroline for adding it!

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