Recipes from Caroline Dupont’s Retreat

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Hostas in the Garden - June 2011

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been writing lately. The call of the garden has been strong and I can’t seem to resist. I’ve reworked several of my planting areas this spring and bought lots of new hostas to brighten up my shade. Thank goodness that Bradford nursery had a hosta sale! Here’s a photo of one of the newly revamped areas.

However, while I have been working in the garden, it hasn’t stopped you from asking questions about food. Recently someone asked me about making nut milk – and in the attached recipes there is a recipe for hazelnut milk. Really making a nut milk is very simple. You just soak your chosen nut overnight, then in the morning blend it in a food processor until very smooth. You can add a little vanilla to the blend for flavouring but it isn’t necessary. You can drink it like that with all of the nut fibre (more of a smoothie than a milk) or you can choose to pour it into a nut milk bag and ‘milk’ the milk part from the fibre and drink it like that.

Here is the link to the pdf I made of the recipes we used at the retreat in June for Caroline Dupont. It was a cleansing retreat so the meals are all vegan, containing no flours and no hot oils. These recipes are written down on the fly so there may be some jigging that you need to do. I’ll keep trying to perfect them as I make them a couple of times.

Caroline has held this retreat several times now at the Loretto Maryholme Centre in Sutton – here’s the link. Although you can visit the web site to see photographs of the facilities, you need to experience the peace of this place to really see its beauty!

I made the rice and bean salad from Sunday lunch again, and added the juice of 1/2 a lemon to it to give it a little more zing. And Sherri made the chick pea patties as a loaf in a 9 x 11″ pan to serve more people. Faster and easier to put together than making the patties individually.

Click here for the cleansing retreat recipes. When you click in the areas outlined in green on the menu pages, you’ll jump right to the recipe.

If you make any of these dishes, please let us know if you made any changes and how they turned out!

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