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Posted March 12th, 2011 in Breast Cancer and tagged , , by Rebecca Lane

My teenage daughter is absolutely appalled that I would even consider writing about this, but I have to let you in on an experiment that I’ve been doing.

I have always had large breasts, and have always worn very supportive underwire bras. I put it on first thing in the morning and take it off last thing at night. And my breasts have always hurt – sore, heavy and uncomfortable – especially around the time of my period.

After completing the Healthy Breast program I decided that I was going to try something different. For one month, I would spend time going braless. On days when I’m not going anywhere, I decided to spend the day braless. When going out, I bound up the girls and went on my way, but when I returned home I let them out for some air! And you know what, they really feel great!

They don’t hurt constantly anymore. I don’t have the soreness under my arms that I now realized was caused by a┬áblocked lymphatic drainage system. I just finished a period during which my breasts did not hurt! I never realized how much that has affected me all my life.

So I urge every one of you to take off your bras whenever you can and let the body’s natural drainage systems work without any constrictions or blockages. The first couple of days are a little uncomfortable, but after that your breasts will feel much better.

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  1. mare says:

    i love going braless. it feels more natural for me. im a 34 C and i actually think my breasts look nicer without a bra. My nips are puffy and kind of pointy but i dont care, i love the way i look and thats all that matters

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