Cancer care in Brantford, Ontario

This afternoon I received a request for information about alternative cancer care treatment options in Brantford, ON. I put the call out to all of my online contacts and this is what we have found out to this point. I’m posting it here so that anyone else looking for this help will be able to access it. Thanks to Lee Overton for providing most of this research here!

  1. Nutritionist – Julie Daniluk of the Big Carrot recommended
    Irene Yaychuk-Arabei, DNM
    Brantford, ON
    (519) 752-7373
  2. One of the only Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practioners in Brantford is Monica Wecklein.  She’s wonderful and very effective. She recently opened up her own place at her home (converted her garage to a wellness spa equipped with a Hydro Therapy tub).  She also trained in natural therapies and consulted clients for 10 years in Ottawa before moving to Brantford and becoming a TCM practioner.  She also holds a degree in Psychology. Monica Wecklein
    48 Tutela Heights Rd.
    Brantford, ON N3T 1A1
    519 752-0305
  3. Chiropractic
    Harmony Chiropractic recently hired a holistic nutritionist.  I haven’t heard of any others so far or tried this one. However, we have experienced their chiropractic services (Sublaxation) which is the same as the typical Chiropractor treatments. They understand overall wellness and seem to be building their business to support this. http://www.harmonychiropractic.ca/
    124 Charing Cross St
    Brantford, ON N3R 2J1
    (519) 756-1303
  4. Kathleen Gorden is a very experienced yoga teacher who has started a Restorative yoga in her home studio.  I was very happy to see this as it’s hard to find Restorative yoga in Brantford. If you are not familar with Restorative yoga it’s very healing and and a form of gentle exercise. She’s had lots of experience with people living with Cancer.  She is also does wonderful meditationwhich is so healing.  She does private classes too and is very reasonable.kathleen.yoga@rogers.com
  5. Naturopaths
    As far as Naturopaths go I’m currently in transition.  Amy Tweedle my former one moved so I’m meeting a new one in Cambridge this week.  Dr. Reid is his name and I’ve heard great things about him and the centre.  He partners and consults with an MD so they can do all kinds of tests that regular Naturopaths can’t.   They also work with a compounding pharmacy which is sweet and hard to find. They also have a nutritionist on staff.There is also Holistic Healing Arts. Dr. Alfred Hauk the owner would be the one I’d explore as some of the others are pretty fresh out of school http://www.ndoc.ca/about-us/who-we-are. He’s got a pre-med background from Germany and has been doing this for a long time.  We’re also investigating Complimentary Healing Arts (a.k.a The Anello Clinic).  They do have a waiting list but that might be waived in a cancer situation.
    401 Laurel Street,
    Cambridge (Preston), ON
    N3H 3Y7
    519 653 3731The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors also has this listing available of ND’s in Brantford, but no information about their areas of specialty: http://www.cand.ca/Find_an_ND.findnd.0.html?&no_cache=1&L=0&no_cache=1
  6. Acupuncture – Ryan Ess suggests Dr. Tom McChesney who is located in Ancaster nearby. He does Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.
  7. For supplements try Tip Top Health Shop (Colborne and Clarence) or S&H Health Store (in the Galaxy Cinema plaza) as they are the more inexpensive options.  Both will order things in.

This is not a complete list and as we find more treatment options available to people in Brantford, ON we will post them here. Turning Point Nutrition has not worked with any of these therapists but has worked with the people who provided their names to us.

We hope that they can serve you well.

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  1. Just a note for patients looking for a comprehensive cancer recovery program. The NAPCC (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of PROFESSIONAL CANCER COACHES) can direct you to a specialized practitioner whose only focus is working with cancer patients. These coaches are qualified health practitioners with a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CANCER COACH designation in addition to a health degree. Visit the web site napcc.ca for information on the 6-step program that works with the patient’s diagnosis and medical treatment (risk factors, side effects, optional adjuvants), cancer nutrition, lifestyle oncology and the mind/body connection in cancer healing.

  2. I am a Homeopath and Medical Herbalist in Brantford.

  3. At Holistic Healing Arts, our clinic, we do offer IV therapy (high dose vitamin C) for cancer patients.

  4. We offer thermography, bio feedback, allergy testing, cardiovascular screening, nutritional consulting and homeopathy.

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