Raw Foods Witch

Posted February 1st, 2011 in Breast Cancer, Meatless, Raw Foods by Rebecca Lane
Today I found a wonderful voice on the web – the Raw Foods Witch. Her site is fun, informative and really does take the scary out of raw food. Further, she has taken her passion for food and made a fabulous, interactive, versatile site for everyone to use. You can input your recipes and it will “magically” make a grocery list for you. Even more, she has some great posts that really bring the whole in holistic to mind. When you get a chance, go visit her site, and stop by this great post: http://rawfoodswitch.com/alternative-health/breast-cancer-emotional-reactions-glimmer-hope/. Make sure that you sign up for her Cues – you’ll find yourself waiting for Wednesdays!Way to go Nathalie – great job! Thanks for providing valuable information without being militant about it.