Nutritional Guidance

Initial Session: Health History and Assessment (1.5 hours with client)

Why are you here asking for help? What made you decide that you wanted to make some changes to your health? Before you start working with me, I need you to track everything that you eat for 5 days.  But wait, not only do I want to know what you ate, but how did it made you feel! Keep track of your mood, energy level, stomach gas, bowel movements, urination – write it down and bring it to our first meeting.

To summarize, in your first session, you will tell me:

In this first session we will discuss:

  • Your symptoms and concerns – but I will be asking more questions, digging deeper. Where are the root issues underlying these symptoms? What are the emotional issues you are dealing with at the moment? When did this symptom start and what was going on in your life then?
  • Changing your food culture – you can’t change the way you feel until you change the way you look at how, why and what you feed yourself. I can suggest changes to the foods you eat, but until you change how you think about food those changes aren’t going to last. Food is nourishment, love – how are you going to choose to nourish and love yourself today?
  • Orthomolecular support – what nutritional supplements are going to help you break through to the next level of healing? I’ll suggest what would be beneficial for you, dosages and for how long you need to take them. Often we use supplements to kick start your healing journey.
  • Homeopathics – you will also be given a homeopathic to take for the next 6 or 7 days, along with a personalized homeopathic water remedy, and an emotional remedy to support your emotional healing. We heal on many levels and need support throughout the whole being.
  • Suggestions for developing a daily meditation practice – we start where you are. If simple breathing techniques are what you can handle, then that’s where we’ll start. It is important to take time each day to listen to yourself. To recognize the negative self-talk that has been holding you back for years.
  • Other healthy routines – daily exercise, journaling, healing music, EFT tapping, dance meditations (see Donna Eden for examples).

Cost: $120.00

Follow-up Sessions

  • Continued nutritional guidance would focus on helping you make changes to your food culture, addressing any issues that arise, learning more about food and how it affects your body. Revising your orthomolecular and homeopathic support. I recommend having an appointment every 4 to 6 weeks to evaluate your progress.

Cost: $80.00 per hour

Telephone consultations also available: 30 Minutes for $40.00


Techniques Used

  1. Typical knowledge – learned from the past experience of others as well as from my own practice. This requires my keeping up with the most recent research and being aware of all of the orthomolecular approaches to healing. Originally learned from reading and listening to lectures from specialists on integrative healing, this approach is fine-tuned by each client’s response to the ‘medicine’ which is always unique.
  2. Muscle testing – because each body has a unique response to its environment, I ask questions of the body. At the beginning it can be a little confusing because I am not asking your brain for the answers to questions as it often doesn’t give me the real truth (it is often too caught up in the stories it has created to describe it’s reality). I ask my questions of the body and my answers come from muscle testing. For example, I could ask your body if there are bacteria affecting it. If the answer is yes, the muscle will be weak (bacteria weakens the body). If no, it will be strong.
  3. Hands on Healing – over the past many years (I’m currently 50 and feel like I have been learning this for all of my life) I have studied many different types of healing including Reiki, Hands of Light, Therapeutic Touch, Acupressure. I don’t do any of these therapies. I lay my hands on a client – usually on either side of their head, but also may be lead to touch other parts – and allow myself to be used as a conduit of Source Healing, Light and Love. I never really know what we will work on, it’s different every time I lay my hands on someone. I know it is very powerful, I have watched miracles happen. I am incredibly grateful for this work.
  4. Homeopathic remedies – I make my own homeopathic remedies using an Eagle Research homeopathic remedy maker. I use over 2000 vials containing the vibrations of various allergens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, as well as many remedies to support healing. These remedies are personal and will not cause a healing crisis. I also use homeopathic pellets purchased from Boiron, Unda, or Homeocan.
  5. Emotional remedies – I use Bach Flower Remedies combined with Canadian Tree Essences to support the emotional healing journey. It has been my experience that the vibration of the trees and flowers combine really well to support your emotional growth.
  6. Eloptic Analyzer Hieronymous Machine – also called a Scalar Energy Machine. Tom Paladino has created an entire site studying scalar energy, so I suggest you visit for answers to your questions I first learned about this machine while in Ecuador working with cancer patients. My experience has been that this scalar energy can open the body up to healing even when all of the organs of elimination (the emunctory organs) have closed down. It can be incredibly beneficial in allowing these bodies to begin to receive and assimilate nutrients, but it also can be used to clear pathogens from the body; to restore nutrient balance; to heal organs, systems, glands; to release inflammation, infection, toxicity, heavy metals, and chemicals. And it does it in a completely non-invasive way. I use a hair sample from each client to focus the healing on you, and then use muscle testing to determine where your weaknesses are held and put that information into the machine. We run it until your body has been cleared from those issues – often 20 minutes for several days.

    If you would like to have only this Scalar Energy therapy used (especially supportive for clients in other countries), for each 20 minute session I charge $10 and often 10 to 15 sessions are required.