Food is the starting point . . .

When you take responsibility for nourishing your body, the rest of your life will nourish itself.

What I do

Have you recently been diagnosed with a disease?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make?

I can help you through this period of change.

Together we can research your disease, evaluate how to best nourish your body, discover your healing options, and tap into the resouces available.

With knowledge, you can take responsibility for your healing journey.

My promise

  • I will teach you how to prepare food that will support you and taste delicious
  • I will teach you how best to nourish your body with food, meditation and exercise
  • I will help you to understand your disease better
  • I will ask questions that you many not want to answer
  • I will help you to understand the importance of taking responsibility for your health
  • I will help you to cherish your body and recognize its powerful capacity to heal